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June 25th
Stall at Amington Fete

10th July
Stall at Alvecote Marina Fete

Both stalls we will be showing photo’s modern and historic and artefacts from area


The woodland is dominated by oak, but you can also see silver birch, ash, holly, elder and blackthorn. The northern-most area is mainly hawthorn scrub. Various ferns, mosses and flowers, such as bluebells and foxgloves, can be found on the woodland floor.


Meadow grassland

Visit in spring to see a magnificent display of cowslips,or summer for tufted vetch. The meadow is mown once a year after the flowers have seeded. This retains its huge diversity of wild flowers and importance for wildlife.



The ponds support a variety of wildlife, from beetle and caddis fly larvae to frogs, newts and dragonflies. The two smaller ponds often dry up in the summer which means that fish cannot survive there, so predation is less for animals such as newts. The stream through the Dell and the Coventry Canal support other animals and provide corridors along which species can move.